Multilingual Speech Translation Application

Privacy Policy

  1. Name of the application provider, etc. that acquires the information:
    National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (hereafter, “NICT”)
  2. Items of information to be acquired:
    Speech and text data input into “VoiceTra,” their translation results, terminal information (including unique ID), communication history, application operation history, and user location information will be acquired.
  3. Acquisition method:
    The information is transmitted and recorded on the servers managed by NICT, each time speech translation is performed.
  4. Purpose of use:
    The acquired information will be used for research on speech translation as well as for commercial purposes.
  5. Method of notification, announcement, or obtaining consent/Involvement of users:
    The information is indicated in the Terms of Use, which is displayed when the app is launched for the first time. Users are not eligible to use the app unless they have read and agreed to the Terms of Use.
  6. Transmission of information/Provision to third parties/Information collection module:
    When using trial versions, the input speech and translation texts are transmitted to organizations abroad to perform speech recognition and synthesis on their servers. In no cases will the acquired information be publicly released as is or provided to third parties other than the organizations in charge of the trial versions. Statistical information may be provided to third parties.
  7. Contact:
  8. Updates to the Privacy Policy:
    Users will be asked to read and agree to the Terms of Use again when updating the app.