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* Data communication via the Internet is required to use the app and users are responsible for the fees incurred.

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What's new

NoticeMay 21, 2019
Due to security reasons, series of updates concerning the supported OS versions are being made to VoiceTra. Versions older than Anrdoid5.0 are no longer supported as of Mar. 26, 2019. Please refer to 'Supported OS versions' for future updates.

AndroidMay 21, 2019
VoiceTra ver.7.1.1 for Android has been released.
- Fixed an issue where Zawgyi font (Myanmar) wasn't properly displayed on some devices.
- Minor improvements.
iOS Mar. 27, 2019
VoiceTra ver.7.2 for iOS has been released.
- Supported Filipino text-to-speech.
- Minor improvements.
Server Mar. 26, 2019
The following updates have been made to the server:
- Improved Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Myanmar, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Filipino, and Khmer speech recognition accuracies
- Improved French and Spanish text-to-speech quality
- Added terms related to anime and manga, and television and computer games to the proper noun dictionaries (ja, en, zh, ko)

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What's VoiceTra…

Using VoiceTra

VoiceTra is a speech translation app that translates your speech into different languages. With an easy-to-use interface, you can also check whether the translation is correct.

VoiceTra translates between 31 languages *.

*Includes dialects of Chinese and Portuguese.

Download and use for free.**

**Data communication via the Internet is required to use the app and users are responsible for the fees incurred.

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Supported OS versions


10 or later


5.0 or later

*Operation is not guaranteed for all devices running on the above OS versions.


Since Oct. 2018, series of updates have been made to the supported OS versions for VoiceTra due to security reasons. New installations, reinstallations, and updates of the app cannot be completed with devices running older OS versions. Versions older than Android 5.0 are no longer supported as of Mar. 26, 2019.

Scheduled updates of supported OS versions:
Oct. 2018- iOS9.0 or later / Android5.0 or later
Dec. 2018 - iOS10.0 or later
Mar. 26, 2019 - Apps running on versions older than Android5.0 are no longer available.
(TBD) Dec. 2019 - iOS11.0 or later

*Further updates will be announced on the Support Site and Facebook.


This application utilizes speech recognition, machine translation, and speech synthesis technologies developed by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). Users who wish to use the technologies for commercial purposes, etc. are requested to contact NICT.