Multilingual Speech Translation Application

Terms of Use - iOS

“VoiceTra” is an application software developed by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as “NICT”). By using “VoiceTra” you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms, which together with our privacy policy govern NICT's relationship with you in relation to “VoiceTra”. If you disagree with any part of these terms, the use of “VoiceTra” would not be allowed.

  1. Users who agree to the Terms of Use (hereinafter “Users”) are eligible to use “VoiceTra” for personal use as well as for field experiments that have been separately approved by NICT.
  2. All data including input speech, text, their translation texts, terminal information (including unique ID), communication history, history of application operations, and user location and usage time information collected through “VoiceTra” (hereinafter referred to as “User Data”) will be recorded on the “VoiceTra” servers managed by NICT. Among the User Data, speech data and translation text data for specific languages are transmitted to other organizations to process speech recognition and speech synthesis on their servers. Namely, Turkish speech and translation text data are sent to Informatics and Information Security Research Center, Scientific and Technological Research Council (Turkey), Hindi speech and translation text data are sent to Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (India), Portuguese speech and translation text data are sent to the Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering (Portugal), and Malay speech and translation text data, as well as all of the above are sent to the Institute for Infocomm Research (Singapore).
  3. NICT may distribute statistical information created from the User Data to third parties. The statistical information may be used for commercial purposes. The statistical information will not contain personal information that can identify individuals.
  4. NICT uses the User Data for making improvements in speech and translation technologies. The User Data may be utilized in different forms; thus, the Users are responsible to refrain from inputting any personally identifiable information, private information, commercially confidential information, or any information that should be kept secret from third parties into “VoiceTra”.
  5. NICT may impose restrictions on the usage time of “VoiceTra” in order to offer services to as many users as possible. Any users/usage deemed inappropriate will be subject to disciplinary actions.
  6. Users are fully responsible for the communication fees incurred from using “VoiceTra”. NICT strongly recommends Users to use packet flat-rate services provided by telecommunication carriers. NICT shall not be held responsible for any compensation of the telecommunication costs, whatsoever.
  7. NICT does not guarantee the accuracy of speech recognition, translation results and speech synthesis of “VoiceTra”. While NICT makes reasonable efforts to maintain the performance of “VoiceTra” to offer services without any communication disturbances, it does not imply that the services should be available at any desired time. Therefore, “VoiceTra” shall be refrained from being used for communications of critical importance or for emergency cases.
  8. NICT reserves the right to change or modify the specifications of “VoiceTra” without prior notice.
  9. “VoiceTra” is made available to the public, particularly to conduct demonstration experiments (e.g. performance evaluation/improvement, usability survey, business model verification). Therefore, the service period is indefinite and may be terminated without prior notice.
  10. It is strictly prohibited to apply any analysis or reverse engineering not only to functions and specifications of “VoiceTra” and relevant software that are downloaded onto users' terminal devices, but also to the speech recognition, translation and speech synthesis technologies on the server managed by NICT. In cases where such actions constitute a patent infringement or copyright violation that may be harmful, NICT shall issue an injunction or make a claim for the damages incurred.
  11. Whether expressly stated herein or not, NICT shall not be held responsible for any damages or losses incurred from using “VoiceTra”. NICT does not make any guarantee that the use of “VoiceTra” is legitimate in all countries and regions including Japan.
  12. In addition to the above Terms of Use, “VoiceTra” is subject to the “End User Software License Agreements” specified by Apple Inc. and the “Terms and Conditions” of the App Store.